Communications and Social Media Volunteer

We are looking to hire a volunteer to join our team in creating creative, engaging, and powerful content for social media and support the organisation’s overall goals, mission, and vision.


Position title: Communications and Social Media Volunteer



The Communications and Social Media Volunteer will help develop and lead our overall communications and social media strategies. The volunteer will use their experience and energy to the full as we develop ways of engaging new supporters and inspiring new audiences to be part of our movement. The volunteer will pass Azadi’s message, vision, and mission through our social media channels.


Responsibilities and duties

  • Creating engaging social media content and scheduling social media posts, liaising with staff as needed

  • Drafting a weekly content plan for the upcoming posts

  • Responding to enquiries received through social media channels or passing onto others where appropriate

  • Analysing and monitoring the impact of our social media activities and recommending improvements

  • Managing content calendars, inputting key social media activities, and updating as necessary

  • Growing our followers on social media platforms

  • Implement Azadi digital campaigns

  • Identify interesting content for potential use on Azadi social media channels. 

  • Conduct research on social media developments and tactics

  • Participate in and conduct staff training on social media use


Time commitment

We expect that you are available for approximately 10-15 hours a week, but we’re flexible during your busy times. We want you to commit for at least four months, but preferably longer. We will provide you with a volunteer certificate.


  • A calm, highly personable, and social character who enjoys communicating with various interest groups and building rapport

  • Highly proactive and flexible in work

  • Good organisation and time management skills; able to juggle multiple social media platforms at the same time

  • Good understanding of social media trends and able to stay on top of current trends

  • Ability to collaborate with team members

  • Strong written and verbal skills

  • Excellent research skills

  • Strong computer skills



  • Demonstrated ability and activity on various social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) 

  • You’re preferably a student of communications, journalism, social sciences, or related fields. 

  • You’re passionate about our cause and willing to participate in the fight to enhance it.


Benefits of volunteering with Azadi

  • A chance to build your confidence and skills in communications and social media strategy

  • A chance to work directly with engaged and experienced professionals

  • To gain work experience and add to your CV providing references

  • Be a part of a fast-growing, inclusive NGO that provides space for rest, and personal well-being among the team

  • Be a part of a highly welcoming team where we are all friends and love engaging with each other personally.


We’re an equal opportunity employer and we want to create spaces for everyone, especially marginalised or underrepresented groups. If you don’t meet the skills and qualifications stated above, we warmly invite you to send us your application anyway. We are very open to mentor people who are passionate about human rights, women’s rights, and inequality. We are open to have anyone as part of our team regardless of sex, race, gender identity, sexual orientation, tribe, nationality, religon, and anything else that defines you or how you choose to identify.



Azadi works and operates in Nairobi, but you can be anywhere in the world. 


If you are interested in this position kindly send your CV and Cover Letter to


About Azadi

Azadi is a survivor-led counter-trafficking organisation in Kenya. Our organisation’s goal is to create spaces and programmes that enhance the agency of survivors of trafficking. Azadi focuses on providing long-term support for survivors of trafficking who find a lack of community support and understanding in the process of reintegrating into their communities. The organisation focuses on being a bridge between direct care and long-term reintegration in the community through a resource centre.




If you wish to support Azadi and survivors of human trafficking, please donate through the link below.