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Consultant for Project Evaluation of the Valkyrie Project

Title of Project: Valkyrie 

Project Implementation Area: Nairobi and Mombasa Counties

Type of Selection: Individual Consultants 

Task: Project Evaluation 

Period: September to November 2022 



Azadi Kenya

Azadi Kenya is a survivor-led, counter-trafficking NGO that focuses on the provision of long-term support for survivors of trafficking who, too often, find a lack of community support and understanding when reintegrating into society ensuing their experience with trafficking. We run several programs which are meant to facilitate healing, reintegration, and survivor leadership. Our goal is to create spaces and programs that enhance the agency of survivors of trafficking, to support recovery from trauma, and to sustain their reintegration into society.

We are doing this through the operation of a resource center where the survivors receive vocational and soft skills training to empower them, give them valuable skills, and give them all it takes to become leaders of their communities. Our programs also focus on aspects such as the mental health, leadership, well-being, and development of the survivors, giving them the tools they require to thrive.

Azadi Kenya is currently implementing a 6 months project using a model that envisions a partnership/collaborative model that focuses on rescue, rehabilitation, and reintegration of children mainly teenagers and young adults who have been trafficked. The model will be implemented through a collaborative process where each partner will have specified activities based on their area of expertise and core area of work. We will also have joint activities that will be implemented as a group rather than independently. The project is implemented in partnership with:

Maisha Girls Safe House

The projects mission is to reach out, receive and protect girls in the most vulnerable situations of sexual violence and abuses. The safe house was initiated in 2014, on a purely voluntary basis. The house hosts girls and young women between the ages of 6-24 years who have survived sexual related violations including human trafficking. The home is open for them to come and live, find safety, get medical attention, counseling, and therapy, and be part of a family. The center also assists in getting them back to school and paying their school fees as one of the ways to help them rebuild their future. The safe house tries to rehabilitate the girls within 90 days before they are reintegrated back to their families and communities.


Okoa Sasa

Okoa Sasa 2013 is a CBO based at the Coast Province in rescuing and rehabilitation to the survivors of Sexual Gender Based Violence (SGBV) and other forms of exploitation in collaboration with other partners within and the government agencies. It started as a women’s group established in 2007. After their registration in 2013 their main objective is to offer support to the marginalized women and children and who face issues of child abuse, gender based violence and human trafficking. Their safe houses aim to rehabilitate children between the ages of 0-17 years. They also have an adult safe house that supports women and young mothers between the ages of 18-45 years. Okoa Sasa provides a safe and loving home to the children, medical attention, counseling, legal aid, education, home tracing and reintegration.


Azadi Kenya as the project lead seeks the services of a professional consultant to provide support in conducting a project evaluation for the Valkyrie Project.


Project Intervention Logic

Screenshot 2022-08-26 at 14.27.09.png

Objectives of the Project Evaluation 

  1. To assess the achieved results of the project against the stated objectives. 

  2. Appropriateness of the implementation strategies (rescue, rehabilitation and reintegration of child survivors of trafficking) and give recommendations for future programming

  3. To assess the relevance of the project design, in terms of meeting the needs and priorities of the beneficiaries.

  4. To assess the coherence of the project design, in terms of coordination with, or duplication of, other efforts in the area.

  5. To assess whether the project delivered and achieved outputs and outcomes within agreed budget and schedule.

  6. To assess the project’s direct and indirect benefits, and if any, unintended positive and negative consequences brought by the project.

  7. To assess the extent to which benefits delivered by the project are likely to last post-project.

  8. To assess gender dynamics, capacities and vulnerabilities in relation to project focus areas.



Applicants should outline suggested methodology for addressing evaluation objectives outlined above. The methodology chosen should demonstrate attention to impartiality and reduction of bias by relying on mixed methods approach (quantitative, qualitative, participatory etc.) and different primary and secondary data sources that are systematically triangulated. The evaluation must also be structured around the OECD DAC criteria for evaluation (specifically: Relevance, Coherence, Effectiveness, Efficiency, Impact and Sustainability). The consultant must ensure all relevant project indicators are addressed comparably. 



Azadi Kenya is seeking for a local based consultant to undertake this assignment who will design the study and prepare the data collection tools. The consultant will clean, analyze, visualize, and write an end line report, drawing on insights from both the qualitative and the quantitative datasets. Azadi Kenya, Okoa Sasa and Maisha Girls Safe House will provide all the project documents/information necessary to ensure the assignment is completed successfully, including the project proposal and concept note, logic model and activity reports. To support the mainstreaming of M & E practices for the implementing organizations, the consultant will also develop a training plan to ensure that the survivor’s and staff’s capacities on project monitoring are strengthened. The consultant is expected to deliver the following in the course of the assignment:

The inception report, including validated quantitative and qualitative data collection tools


Field work report

  1. Draft zero report (soft copy) in word.docx. 

  2. Draft-one report incorporating changes or comments generated in the draft zero. 

  3. The evaluation report of approximately 40 pages or less. (2 hard copies) 

  4. The evaluation report to include an Executive Summary of no more than 4 pages

  5. Include appendices such as data logs, respondent list for KIIs

  6. Raw data sets in an accessible format (.xlsx or .csv)

  7. Cleaned and worked datasets in an accessible format (.xlsx or .csv)

  8. A power point presentation of the report to Azadi Kenya.

  9. Training plan for capacity enhancement of survivors and staffs on M & E


Lead Consultant Qualifications

  1. Azadi Kenya requests the consultant to submit proposals to respond to this Terms of Reference as outlined above. We expect the consultancy firm to demonstrate on the minimum the skills and experience outlined below (or equivalent):

  2. The consultant should have a minimum of 5 years’ experience in field research and monitoring and evaluation of community projects

  3. Should be a local citizen of Kenya with extensive experience on field work and data collection in rural and urban areas of Kenya

  4. Demonstrate evidence of past relevant evaluation assignments in rural and urban areas of Kenya (share sample report(s))

  5. Proven track record in analytical report writing

  6. Proficiency in spoken and written English and Swahili. Knowledge of the local language of the ethnic communities living in Mombasa will be an added advantage

  7. Operational capacity, understands the local context of Kenya’s region’s ( Nairobi and Mombasa)

  8. Solid understanding of child protection, human trafficking, human rights based approaches and monitoring and evaluation.

The proposal should include the following:

  1. A short outline of evaluation approach, research design and methodology for the Evaluation. Max. 3 pages.

  2. A proposed process and time frame for the Evaluation setting out the phases, the number of consultants and the number of days. Max. 2 pages.

  3. The anticipated challenges and dependencies likely to affect the implementation of the Evaluation and how these should be addressed. Max. 1 page.

  4. A description of how to ensure data quality throughout the process/assignment. Max. 1 page. 

  5. A description of how gender and social inclusion will be mainstreamed throughout the evaluation questions Max 1 page.

  6. A narration of how ethical issues will be mitigated/safeguarded throughout the evaluation process. Max 1 page.

  7. A summary of the most relevant skills and experience of the proposed lead consultant and her/his CV showing relevant previous assignments and clients. Max 2 pages

  8. A detailed fee quote and rationale for the consultant and an estimate for the operational costs. Max. 1 page.


Budget and Payment

The consultant will provide a detailed budget, with a breakdown of the consultants’ fees and logistical expenses. The terms of payment will be negotiated upon signing of the contract.

Award Criteria

The evaluation of the quotations will be based on the best value for money, weighing up technical quality (the methodology and the CV of the consultant team), and demonstrated understanding of the needs of the client, the relevant past assignments and the quality of the past reports.


Assessment of the Proposal

The assessment of the proposal paper will be based on the following criteria: 

1.    Responding to the requests outlined in the Terms of Reference

2.    Experience Demonstrated 


Assessment of CVs

The assessment of the CVs will be reviewed of the appropriateness of the proposed consultants based on their stated skills and experiences as well as additional criteria outlined above. 



Shortlisted applicants may be called to interview or requested to submit samples of work. 


Management of Consultant

The appointed consultant will work in consultation with Azadi Kenya. The consultant will make themselves available for weekly coordination meetings with Azadi Kenya throughout the duration of the contract, until the final report is delivered and signed off.  


Timeline and Deliverables

Electronic submission of proposals, applications and CV to be submitted via emal using the button below by 28th August 2022. 

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