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We offer long-term support to survivors of human trafficking.


About Azadi

Azadi is a survivor-led organisation that focuses on the provision of long-term support for survivors of trafficking who, too often, find a lack of community support when reintegrating into society following their experience of  trafficking.

All our programmes are meant to facilitate healing, reintegration, and survivor leadership.

Our Mission

To enable and nurture safe spaces and communities for survivors of human trafficking to heal, thrive and claim agency.

Our Vision

Survivors of human trafficking are integrated, thriving members of society.


Are You a Survivor of Human 

Sign up to be a member of Azadi and get access to all our programmes. Sign up clicking the button below.

Are you unsure of whether or not you are a survivor, please find information on what it means to be a survivor by clicking the button below.

Our Partners

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