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How it Started - Our Journey


Our ethical storytelling project started in 2020 when the coronavirus pandemic started. A team of experts did research on how Covid-19 affected survivors who virtually trained survivors of human trafficking on photography, story telling and research.


This project was prompted by a realization that survivors' different experiences are misrepresented due to lack of inclusion, power dynamics and lack of trained survivor experts.


In an effort to change that unequal and exclusive storytelling structure, we are intentionally building a narrative here at Azadi because the past ethical storytelling projects have proved that survivors can be subjects, authors, and critics of their own stories after the successful physical and virtual exhibition we held on 30th of July in 2021 as a result of the ethical storytelling project conducted in 2020.



This exhibition is organised by Azadi, and supported by University of Birmingham Rights for Time Project 

The Fellowship


This year, 2 survivor leaders and 1 fellow from Swarthmore College have been learning about ethical storytelling, writing, art, and participatory photography. Each year, an in-person ethical storytelling exhibition occurs on the world day against human trafficking. This art exhibition is the culmination of their work and showcases their different stories in a series of photographs, photostories, art, and written narratives. Their work is also showcased on the Azadi website as a virtual exhibition. We hope you enjoy!

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Meet the Artists



Miriam is a Kenyan photographer, born and raised from the coastal sides of Malindi. Two of her greatest passions in life are nature and photography. Through her photography, she seeks to document her own personal experiences, captures scenes and events as she sees them and to share with others the beauty and diversity of the places she's seen. 

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Zamir is a third year student at Swarthmore College in Pennsylvania, USA studying Economics, Peace and Conflict Studies, and Arabic. He is a biracial Bangladeshi-American raised in India, Ghana, Cameroon, and Timor-Leste who is passionate about storytelling and the power narratives hold. Although this is his first time doing photography, painting, and writing, he has always appreciated art and its impact. Storytelling is important to him because it fosters community and deep connections between people in meaningful ways that he likes to explore in his storytelling projects. Without ethical storytelling, crucial voices are left unheard and manipulated.  



Ruth is an artist who finds profound joy in creating with acrylic colors and repurposed materials. Being a self-taught artist, she has discovered a passion for using her art as a medium to inspire and connect with her community. Beyond the mosaics, she is a dedicated activist against the grave issues of human trafficking and modern slavery. She describes her journey as an artist and activist interwoven, as she strives to use her talents to create a brighter and more compassionate future for all. ​

Meet the Trainers



Aisha Ali Haji is a dynamic communications specialist, with a passion of storytelling through crafting effectve and creative communication strategies. She has experience working in different fields including advertising, advocacy, media, academic, literary and for non-profits. She is currently based in Istanbul and is working on her first book soon



Rehema has a strong curiosity about societal values and the experiences of the community that surrounds her. For over 6 years now, she has expaneded her visual creativity as an artist while acquiring hands on experience working as a photographer with non-profit organizations in Kenya. As she stays present to her environment, she is hoping to join in, even more strongly as the time goes by, on the dialogue on humanity and the dignity of every individual. She lives for storytelling that will continue to lead us to a place of global inclusivity. Check out her website!


Thank you for visiting our exhibition!

We would really appreciate your thoughts. It means a lot to our artists to hear about the impact of their work.

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