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Our Values

We are survivor centred

We acknowledge that survivors of human trafficking are more than beneficiaries of services, receiving support in ways predetermined and decided by people with different experiences and privilege. Survivors have vital contributions to make and need to be centred in the activities and programmes in which they engage and have space to voice their thoughts and opinions regularly. This value allows us to further our belief that survivors are to be the leaders of the counter-trafficking movement.  

We prioritise rest

We hold the concept and practice of rest with value, understanding that the constant demands that society imposes on us has severe implications on our ability to feel whole, worthy, and well in a holistic way. 

We hold an intersectional perspective

We acknowledge the interconnectedness of social categories like race, gender, sexuality, and class and the relation to power and exploitation in addressing human trafficking. 

We believe in building solidarity and communities

We recognise that survivors heal and thrive in healthy relationships and therefore strive to create a support system that enables growth, sharing, learning, resources, and connection.

We are trauma-informed

We make continuous efforts to learn and understand the effect of traumatic experiences, the symptoms, and the presentation of trauma with a cultural lens. We try to ensure the activities and systems in place uphold the principle of ‘do no harm’. 




If you wish to support Azadi and beautiful and wonderful women with lived experience of human trafficking, please donate through the link below.

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