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Meet the Team


Sophie Otiende


Sophie is our founder and all-round lexicon for NGO management and anti-trafficking work, given her vast experience in the sector, now being the CEO of the Global Fund to End Modern Slavery. Her support, which is mostly to programming, fundraising, and strategy, never fails to be value-based, in commitment to the vision, and with such incredible attention to detail. She is also a fabulous teacher who understands how to push each of us to grow and learn within our roles. She has a unique ability to make everyone around her feel seen and heard, and leads her relationships with care, thoughtfulness, and intentionality. She’s also funny, kind, passionate, and an incredible friend to all of us.


Claire Olendo

Program Manager - Economic Justice and Self Determination

Claire is the one who’s been with Azadi the longest and has truly been among the most stable forces in our organisation. She handles all matters partnerships, economic justice and self-determination, and the Resource Centre, all with care and consideration. Her work with other organisations and survivor leaders are all characterised by her gentle and kind nature, and the way she makes others feel in her presence. Claire is the mother of the group caring deeply about the wellbeing and success of the people with whom she is working. We can always count on her for a long hug, good advice, and support.


Lizzy Omamo

Operations Manager

Lizzy is our admin and HR powerhouse, whose diligence, reliability, and attention to detail reads through everything she does. She truly does a lot to ensure that the foundation of Azadi functions effortlessly and in accordance with our values. Her gentleness and kindness have persevered and are true to her character, but in her time with Azadi we have really seen her push herself to use her voice and become the leader we always saw in her. This reflects as she spends her free time volunteering in schools and homes. She is passionate about children and marginalised communities, always supporting those she cares about with kindness, compassion, and loyalty.


Antonia Musunga


Antonia is our co-founder and volunteer, who supports us with programming, advice, and safeguarding. She keeps Azadi and the entire team accountable for upholding our values and staying true to who we are as an organisation. She emanates passion and activism, and you can always tell that through her activism, there’s a genuine love for people and their wellbeing. Her desire for equality, inclusivity, and feminist ideals are values she keeps bringing to the team and making sure we all meet. She is beyond kind and cares deeply for the people around her and always manages to light up a room with her beautiful smile and affectionate laughter.


Wanjiku Mwangi

Managing Director

Faith is our Managing Director, who oversees all of Azadi’s activities, programmes, and projects. She makes sure that they all adhere to our values and mission as an organisation. She maintains that bird’s eye view with dignity, warmth, and a smile, as she lends a supportive hand to everyone in the team, making sure we’re doing well. She is incredibly smart, passionate, and diligent in her work, and is such a reliable force at Azadi. Her support and willingness to help never goes unnoticed, and is truly a testament to her dedication to Azadi, our work, and every single person she engages at work. Her bubbly, charismatic, empathetic nature always shines through to anyone lucky enough to be in a room with her.


Agnes Akinyi

Finance Manager

Agnes is in charge of all of our financial needs making sure that all of us stay within the budget and that all of our finances are handled with care and focus on what matters most. Her work highlights her attention to detail, diligence, and experience with financial matters. She is a major reliable character with Azadi, who we can always count on to produce quality results with all the details in order. Despite the occasional antics and craziness of the team, Agnes is always level-headed, calm, and with her head firmly set on her values and beliefs. Her warmth, reliability, and dedication are never missed, and she provides such steadiness and comfort to the rest of the team. Her favourite quote is “in a world where you can be anything, be kind”, which she always lives to the fullest.


Peter Olewe

Program Manager -Knowledge production ,and sharing

Peter supports the organization in Knowledge Production, Learning, and Sharing. Peter brings on board over 10 years of experience in community organizing, research, monitoring, and evaluation. Peter believes in designing interventions that are conscious of the needs of the vulnerable. Peter is also a social justice activist who champions for a fair world for everybody. Peter thrives well in supporting members and learning from them on how to become a better human being. 


Mariam Awori

Program Manager - Survivor leadership and Advocacy

Mariam is dedicated to fostering a sense of community and empowerment. She radiates warmth and compassion in every interaction. With her background in psychology, she possesses an innate ability to empathize, offering a listening ear and genuine support to community survivor leaders. She thrives on building meaningful relationships and ensuring the collective voice of our members is heard. Her actions consistently reflect a deep concern for the well-being of others. Whether through small gestures or significant acts of kindness, she creates an atmosphere of care and love, making those around her feel valued and understood.


Miriam Chao

Communications Officer

Miriam is our communication Officer. She manages our social media accounts and writes newsletters and blog posts. She is an enthusiastic photographer and communicator, passionate about sustainable development and advancing human rights for people of lived experience. Though her personality is introverted you can always count on her support and kindness.




If you wish to support Azadi and beautiful and wonderful women with lived experience of human trafficking, please donate through the link below.

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