Meet the Team


Sophie Otiende

Founder & Director

Sophie is a survivor leader, a teacher, and a feminist who has worked within the human trafficking field for a number of years revolutionising the ways in which survivors are supported, protected, and involved within the counter-trafficking movement. She has been widely acknowledged for her work being named a Trafficking in Persons Hero by the US State Department in 2020. While work takes up a lot of Sophie’s time, she also loves to spend time with her family and friends. Her friends know that she sucks at board games even though she hasn’t quite recognised that herself, she still never shies away from a challenge. Sophie is also passionate about fashion, art, African literature and arguing about current affairs with her partner and she also regularly meet with her feminist collectives in Nairobi.

Claire Olendo

Community Liaison Officer

Claire is a charismatic woman who’s a social worker by but has worked in the field of human trafficking for three years providing direct support and services to survivors, including giving legal support, aiding in prosecutions, conducting various assessments, and providing support with economic empowerment. She has a passion for transforming lives and expands her horizons in the field of development through working with survivors, other professionals, and advocates. Her record of providing support to survivors means that she has a unique insight into what a survivor goes through, what their needs are, and how to best offer support. Claire is also an incredibly caring, strong, competent woman who brings all of these qualities into her work caring deeply about the well-being and success of the people with whom she is working. 


Lizzy Omamo

Administrative and HR Officer

Lizzy is a seasoned Executive Assistant with over 10 years in the field, with a wealth of experience providing administrative tasks and technical and logistical support on various projects. Additionally, Lizzy has increased administrative expertise that allows her to tailor her skills to meet different clients and organisations. She is truly a workhorse, working tirelessly to support our team and make sure that everything is running smoothly. She is also an avid traveller, and passionate about children and vulnerable populations. She volunteers in schools and homes in her free time.

Caroline Adhiambo

Research and Learning Advisor

Caroline is a proud mother to four extraordinary kids, has a great sense of humour and is passionate about music and reading memoirs and poetry. Her drive stems from her belief that a little more sincerity and humanity can change the world and she uses writing to inspire change and empower the community with knowledge on social injustices. She’s a Researcher and Policy Reviewer who has worked with victims of modern-day trafficking and slavery and aims to find solutions that are survivor-centred and are driven towards protecting victims and giving them a voice.


Antonia Musunga


Antonia is an unapologetic intersectional feminist who is passionate about the protection of human rights, gender equality, social justice, inclusion, governance, and development. Antonia is a creative and critical thinker with excellent interpersonal, communication, data analysis, documentation, and public speaking skills. Currently, she works for ActionAid International and is a volunteer at Azadi Kenya. When she's not working, she works to dismantle the patriarchy and spend time with her friends. Her smile lights up any room and her bubbly, sweet personality will crack a smile on anyone lucky enough to be in her presence.

Emma Christensen

Learning and Development Officer

Emma’s passion for social issues and women’s rights drives her and the contribution she’s made in the anti-trafficking field. Her extraordinary commitment and unique perspective and self-drive played an essential role in her work at Azadi Kenya where she handled different portfolios such as consultancies, data, project management, and everything tech seamlessly. She is also a mentor and confidante and under her guidance, several mentees were able to navigate their roles and grow personally and professionally. She achieved this through employing an empathetic but professional approach whilst pushing them to grow and nurture their talents.

Outside the office, she loves baking, travelling, and socialising. She is also a good conversationalist who doesn’t shy away from speaking her mind and whenever you need a friend to show up for you, she is the person to call.


Wanjiku Mwangi

Case Management Coordinator

Faith is an amiable, strong-willed, and adventurous person. She strongly believes that every person deserves to live and thrive in a community free from exploitation and abuse. Faith has three years of experience working in direct service to survivors of human trafficking with exceptional data management, interpersonal, and leadership skills. At Azadi, Faith is working with organizations to build their capacity in providing care to survivors of trafficking.

Outside work she loves to spend time with her daughter, partner, and friends in the outdoors. She also thoroughly enjoys interior design and giving spiritual guidance to the most amazing 4 to 6-year-olds.

She lights up any room she’s in with her fantastic smile and laughter and we’re very lucky to have her as part of the team at Azadi. 




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