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The Resource Centre

As of January 2021, Azadi partially opened a physical space that acts as a resource centre for survivors of trafficking where they can come to connect, grow, and receive the services for reintegration that they need to become leaders. The vision for the centre was to provide a community space for survivors of trafficking where they can connect over a meal or an activity, and where they can find support, space, and room for healing as they are learning and growing.

The resource centre focuses on ensuring that the physical and emotional needs of survivors are the priority through being mindful of the language used, activities prioritised, and the general physical environment. The focus is placed on the different forms of wellbeing that survivors may thrive on, allowing each individual to choose their methods of healing rather than one-size-fits-all solutions. 

Our intern and volunteer program has seen the enhancement of the fire and safety protocols at the centre. Two interns have worked to set up fire and safety equipment as well as train the staff and conduct a fire drill. There are conference facilities for meetings and training, wifi and a kitchen which are yet to be completed but are functioning efficiently.

The current activities and projects focus on what survivors require for reintegration into society, including vocational skills and soft skills training that will help them reach their goals in life. We undertake bimonthly group therapy, training and meetings. 

​The centre provides long-term support for economic stability, education, and access to employment. The survivors have access to a wifi connection that enables them to work, while those working or researching on projects are able to use the space for mentorship, employment, and consultancy work. We offer tea and lunch to the survivors who access the centre for any of the ongoing activities.

Some of the upcoming projects include setting up a library and a computer lab, establishing a therapy room dedicated to wellness activities as well as acquiring creche equipment and accessories for the members of the community with young children. Along with childcare equipment, we hope to hire someone who can act as a caretaker for the children.

The centre is currently 40 % open but we hope to be fully operational by the beginning of 2023. Our goal is to empower survivors, increase their capacity and include them in all aspects of developing survivor-led research to further understand the phenomenon of human trafficking. 

Survivors have been able to use the space and so far we’ve succeeded in making it a home away from home for them. It’s growing into a sanctuary where survivors can find safety and comfort as they work to heal or to further their careers.

​You can support the centre through donations, partnerships with social enterprises that offer mentorship programmes, employment opportunities, and colleges that can offer training.

Our work at the resource centre will be based around our four programmes, which you can read about here, all of which will be run in the resource centre.


Drawing credit: Kristine Holm




If you wish to support Azadi and survivors of human trafficking, please donate through the link below.

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