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Judith Nyakangi Campaign

We are collecting money for Judith Nyakangi who worked as a domestic worker in Qatar, where she suffered extreme abuse at the hands of her employer and sponsor. Debilitating injuries left her in need of multiple surgeries and ongoing physical therapy. After months of waiting for her employer to be punished and to receive adequate compensation for her injuries, she returned back to Kenya in March 2023.

Judith had put up a brave fight against a system that was hostile and an employer who was powerful. However, as officials repeatedly ‘archived’ her face and refused to investigate, she remained destitute and dependent on charity.

Qatar’s Ministry of Labour maintained that this was not a labour case but a police one, but the police did nothing since her employer was part of the force.

Back home, responsible for her family which includes a daughter just starting school, and a dependent mother and sister, Judith is struggling to make ends meet. Her spinal and leg injury makes it impossible for her to do physical labour, and she is in need of further treatment and therapy.
In this video appeal, she speaks about her life now, and how the justice system in Qatar repeatedly failed her.

She wrote a blog post for Migrant Rights about her experience which you can read here

As per her calculations, and the documents she has shared with MR, she needs between KSH300,000 and 400,000 (approx US$2300 to 3000) for the coming financial year to cover her daughter’s schooling, medical expenses, as well as household and sundry expenses.

Please help Judith cover these expenses by donating via our donor box below. All of your donations will go to Judith.

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