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Bloom of Hope

A safe place is subjective, you would think a safe place is with family unless that family is abusive, unless your parents or guardian leave you alone or neglect you in situations you can't develop as you should. You never feel safe. You think no one sees you, a reality you accept for yourself. Your identity and beauty are based on lies you believe, whispering to the depth of your soul. This is my fault, It happened because I am worthless. You start acting according to the lies because you believe in them.

During my childhood, my experience was not appealing until I found a rescue in myself after someone just held my hand. At some point, I couldn’t sleep, buried my head in a pillow, cried, and cried. I wanted to run out of that place but to where and to whom? Who will even believe me? Was there even the strength and confidence to let it out to the public more so to the family members? This has become my life now. Mornings for me were so tiresome and as always I just put on fake smiles while trying to act normal. This experience changed me and inside me, I just became tarnished, the worst is it was happening at my glance.

Until one day I rescued myself from the bondage and I got myself a new place to call home and a new family. Somehow there is hope in this new home. For a long time, I have been desperately wanting to be on a new path. I needed rest and the doors of the past closed. The peace of this new home keeps on watching me time and again. This place for me holds a light that brings in a lot of revelation and provides the secret space to bring my traumas to light. Its environment has been my strength in my sorrows and grief and the necessary process of healing. The more time I spend here the pain of the past begins to subside and the present becomes more visible. The more I learn and put into practice new coping skills with the help of a new caring family my outlook has changed. I am growing to like the woman I am becoming for sure after looking at life like a gift, not a curse. The truth is that these walls of this safe place have not only been a healing point for me but they have also heard countless stories of redemption and provide more than just physical safety to many people with lived experiences. I can gladly say the power that a safe place holds is a blessing and gives hope to these beautiful women to emerge victorious and continue displaying the evidence of the grace of God.

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