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This type of trafficking refers to when a trafficker uses force, fraud, or coercion to compel an individual into engaging in sexual acts. This type can take many forms, yet the common denominator is forced commercial sexual exploitation in whichever form that may take.

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Labour trafficking is the most abundant version and refers to the use of force, fraud, and co-ercion to obtain the labour or services of an individual. There are no limits in terms of industry, service provided, or setting, and thus encompasses most of the reported cases of trafficking. 

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This type of trafficking refers to the forced removal of an individual’s organ for the purpose of selling. The individual can be both alive and diseased, and the consent to have said organs removed are never honoured. The market for this type of trafficking is ever-increasing due to the continuous demand for organs and people’s willingness to pay for them under conspicuous means. 

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Domestic servitude refers to a type of forced labour in which the victim is exploited into performing domestic work in a private residence. It is unique in the sense that they are often completely alone, with their employer controlling all aspects of their life, e.g. access to food, ability to leave the house, and the conditions under which they work that often includes psychological, sexual, and physical abuse. The conditions necessary for the victim to escape are thus uniquely difficult.

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Familial trafficking refers to when the trafficker is a part of the victim’s family. It is often children under the age of 12. It is an incredibly common part of child trafficking and involves unique implications due to the relationships, stigma, involved grooming and exploitation, and the fact that many of the victims are unaware of the severity of what they are going through. 

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Forced marriage refers to a legal union in which one or both parties have been forced to partake in the marriage, disregarding, or failing to ask for the individual or individuals’ consent. The victims are often children who are particularly vulnerable to exploitation as they are likely unable to un-derstand the circumstances under which they suffer, express them, and escape them. The purposes of this marriage can be of a sexual nature and/or with the intention of servitude.

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