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Don't Call Me Crazy

Every day, every hour, every minute, every second, something happens in the world to different people in different places. There’s a lot in the world that we as humans go through, tough experiences that sometimes affects our mental wellness, because of this we are not whole.

You must agree with me that some of our cultures don’t understand what mental health is, or what being mentally ill is and I think that sometimes there’s a lot of stigma around mental health, depression, suicide, bipolar disorder and self-harm.

There’s a lot of cruelty and evil in the world, you might have gone through so much, experiences that overwhelm and put you down to the ground, leave you feeling mentally exhausted, feeling like it’s not fair living like that and wanting a break from it all. You don’t know what someone else is going through until they tell you their story. Everyone’s story is of substance and should be respected.

Why won’t we make it our business to talk about it and stop the stigma and judgment that comes with mental health? What if we all stopped for a moment to just think about others, and their well- being? What if we all tried to be kind to all? What if we did the little we could by just simply making sure that we cause no harm to others and instead take care of each other in the smallest of ways. What if that’s the responsibility that comes with being mortal?

We don’t have to stay there, I know that it’s possible to get comfortable in this dark place because it’s easier. This is where mindfulness comes in, being able to slow down, focus and pay full attention to what we’re doing, live healthy and happy as opposed to existing by just simply being conscious in each moment, how about we take a step back to do the work to be better and whole again, this doesn’t mean that the terrible experiences wont come our way but mindfulness helps us to navigate through life and its challenges. Mindfulness helps us manage and cope with stress. We are mortal beings and we feel things, we are supposed to feel things but the good news is we have human privileges given to us, we have so much power and we sometimes forget. We can be well and healthy again, live to ur full potential and thrive. we can get through life because we are not alone!

Wouldn’t it be amazing if we all stopped calling others crazy?

Stop it!

Please Don’t call me crazy!

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