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Feminine Hygiene

Hello friends, this #16 days of activism would be incomplete if we did not touch on women’s health and feminine hygiene.

Feminine hygiene is more than just the menstrual tools we use on a monthly basis to go about our normal lives. It all starts with what we consume not only orally but mentally, emotionally and psychologically as well.

This journey is extremely awakening. Your womb is sacred. You need to be alert because you do not need some energy to be absorbed by your femininity . This body is your temple, love it more every single day because she deserves all the love.

You must not forget that practising the right feminine hygiene tips keeps you off severe recurring infections and at times chronic diseases within your lady parts.

We do not practise feminine hygiene to impress anyone, not even our sexual partners. We do it for ourselves. You should do this for yourself. It will make you feel good and this is a very great way of advancing your self-esteem. As you make a budget for that perfume, the nails and that wig how about including your feminine hygiene routine in there. You have to know about which ingredients are in the product you are getting, why you are getting it and if it is safe.

The beauty standards set by society have to come to an end because we must refuse to be defined by what they think is beautiful. Our bodies are not entertainment spots to let them have a say that it literally breaks our spirits.

Your body is made of emotions, it does speak up. Be kind enough to yourself and listen to your body. Appreciate your body. Prioritise rest, treat your body, be selfish with your body to not easily give access to everything because you should take good care of it.

Funny how I can talk about literally anything with my girlfriends but when it comes to our lady parts or even sexuality and intimacy that is where we draw the line. What is the shame exactly about talking about this?. This is all because we are made to believe it is a shameful discussion, we are made to feel judged if we are sincere enough about it. Ladies, we are helping the world tell us that this is a taboo. It is all natural and I can promise you it is so beautiful.

Having these discussions strengthens the sisterhood we build on a daily basis. When we talk about our bodies, we are not sexualising ourselves as a matter of fact we end up learning from each other. A colleague of mine dared to talk about her intimacy in my presence and at first I thought she had lost her mind, the truth is after I listened and thought about it later I realised all the new things I just learned from her. I could never feel comfortable talking about the vagina let alone sex and now I do alot of research concerning the same because I sell feminine hygiene products and I want to have a better understanding of our bodies to recommend appropriately.

Unity will start with you having these conversations with your girlfriends. We should not be taught about our bodies by people who do not even belong to our sexuality. Do not misquote me, I am not encouraging arrogance as I believe everyday is a day to learn something new from different channels, my only concern is when they tell us about our bodies the root cause is usually sexualising us and this is not right by all means.

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